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Je ziet het pas als je het doorhebt

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Supported by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of clients of all shapes and sizes - from small startups to large (family) businesses. We deliver sustainable changes with measurable growth. Contact us today and discover how Kruithof & Partners can help you achieve success in the future.



We believe in providing practical support and guidance to (family) businesses in achieving long-term success.  Practical, tailor-made solutions to understand and address the unique challenges and opportunities. Our aim is to promote growth, resilience and harmony within these companies, taking into account both the business and family aspects, so that they can thrive in current and future market conditions.


Family Business Expert
GITP, assessments for talent and competencies
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What do our customers say?

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Arjen van Beek

Arjen van Beek, CEO Louwman Exclusive

"The Kruithof & Partners team has helped our team in a very pleasant way with our strategy and has identified various customer groups. Thanks to the working method, Miranda and her team know how to extract a lot of valuable information from our team and can recommend everyone encourage active participation and thus broad-based insight."
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