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Strategic Advice & Accompaniment

In the current time of continuous transformation, DGAs, directors and organizations face an enormous challenge: how can we create maximum value for our stakeholders and their organization. How do you remain relevant and future-proof as an organization? What trends are going on? How do you continue to seize opportunities in uncertain times? How can I adapt to changing customer needs? Which strategy do you apply? 

We question, listen and develop and provide support in navigating the challenges of the rapidly changing world. We provide you with external, new insights by helping you look at yourself, your team and/or family and your company differently. From Kruithof & We provide partners with analytical capabilities and support for implementation and assurance. Seize opportunities together and build a sustainable future!

The team

Miranda Kruithof

Miranda Kruithof

Your Challenges

The strategic challenges for CEOs and executives in today's rapidly changing world are complex and demanding. Some of the key strategic challenges that CEOs, DGAs and directors face include:


Rapidly changing market conditions:

Global markets are evolving rapidly due to technological advances, shifts in consumer demand, geopolitical events and other factors. CEOs, DGAs and directors must continuously update market analysis to identify relevant trends and opportunities.

Digitalization and technological disruption:

New technologies and digital transformation change business models and competitive relationships. CEOs, DGAs and directors must develop strategies to take advantage of technological advances and adapt to changing customer expectations.

Talent management:

Attracting, developing and retaining talent is crucial. CEOsand DGAs must be concerned with creating an attractive corporate culture and developing leadership capabilities to manage the organization.


Risk managementhonor:

CEOs and DGAs must understand and proactively manage risk, especially in a world where geopolitical uncertainties and natural disasters are increasing.

Sustainableamity and social responsibility:

The pressure to operate sustainably and socially responsible is increasing. CEOsand DGAs must develop strategies that take into account environmentally conscious and ethical practices.

What Kruithof & Partners can do for you?

External Perspectives

We share external market trends and best practices that you may have overlooked.

Strategic analysis

We conduct in-depth analyzes to identify your organization's strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats.

Implementation support

We help translate strategies into concrete action plans and implement strategic initiatives.

Capacity building

We bieden training- en ontwikkelingsprogramma's aan om het leiderschapsteam en de medewerkers te versterken in overeenstemming met de nieuwe strategie.

Scenario planning:

We help develop different future scenarios to increase the strategic resilience of your organization.

Risk management

We provide expertise in identifying and managing risks in strategy execution.

Strategy Accelerator through Visualization

"A picture says more than 1000 words": Strategy visualization helps improve strategy development, communication and implementation. It also contributes to the success of an organization by promoting a clear and shared understanding of the strategy.

Kruithof & Partners works together with Adri van Geldere of The Rep's, among others. These sessions are a powerful instrument to stimulate, develop and safeguard leadership and employee involvement.

The Power of Inspiring Locations


Our Latest Insights

Learn from our experts and follow our solutions and new insights. Reading insights is an essential activity for DGAs, directors and executives because it helps you become more effective leaders, make strategic decisions and adapt to a constantly evolving business environment. It allows you to be well informed and prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities that arise in your industry.

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