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Family businesses 

Kruithof & Partners specializes in advising and guiding family businesses. We help family businesses understand and implement effective succession planning, mentor the next generation and develop talent and leadership within the family business. By combining our tailor-made solutions, family businesses lay a solid foundation for a successful business transfer and sustainable growth.

The team

What can Kruithof & Do partners mean something to you?

Entrepreneurs in family businesses have specific needs and challenges that are unique to their situation. The family business is always on the move. In every phase the family business and the family face new challenges. We provide insight into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We do this by, among other things, applying the three-circle model. 


A crucial challenge for family businesses is planning a smooth transition of leadership and ownership to the next generation. Kruithof & Partners guides you in identifying and preparing suitable successors, establishing a fair and feasible succession structure and guiding current and future leaders through the process.

Family Harmony:

Family businesses often face emotional dynamics between family members, which can lead to conflict and division. It is essential to have mechanisms in place to maintain family harmony and resolve any disputes in a constructive manner. Miranda Kruithof and Erna Kortlang are Mediators and the designated persons to monitor harmony and prevent conflicts within your family and family business.

Professional management:

Implementing professional governance and separating family and business interests helps manage the business more effectively. Kruithof & Partners meets the need for advice in setting up governance structures, defining roles and responsibilities and hiring external board members.

Resolving succession conflicts:

Succession conflicts can arise when different family members claim leadership positions or when the future vision of the company does not match that of the current generation. We help facilitate communication and find compromises to resolve these conflicts.


Business continuity:

Family businesses often have a long-term focus and strive for continuity across generations. It is important to develop strategies that help the business remain resilient and adapt to changing market conditions. 


Inheritance and donation planning:

Since family businesses often own a lot of assets, it is necessary to do good inheritance and gift planning to arrange the transfer of ownership and minimize inheritance taxes. Kruithof & Partners works closely with TeekensKarstens notaries and lawyers in Family Business Experts.


To balanceof family and business interests:

Family businesses must find a balance between the pursuit of business success and the preservation of family values and traditions. This can sometimes lead to conflicting interests, which an advisor can help you findthe right balance.


Family weekend

The Van der Linden family, owners of a thriving family business, decided to spend a long weekend with us on Texel.

On a sunny morning we took the family to the Slufter, a beautiful area where you are surrounded by nature. During the walks they started talking about the future of their company. The older generation shared their wisdom and experience, while the younger generation enthusiastically put forward new ideas.

"These weekends are much more than relaxation for us," said grandfather Van der Linden with a smile. "It gives us the opportunity to be in a different environment, far away from the daily worries of our company. Here, with Kruithof & Partners guiding us, we can connect on a deeper level, think undisturbed about the future and new generation involved in this process. It is an opportunity to grow as a family and as a company. And that is really the added value of going to Texel for a family weekend together."

A weekend away is not only beneficial for your family business itself and your employees, but also for your family and your family shareholders. You strengthen mutual relationships, involvement and understanding of your family business.

Would you like to join us on an outdoor weekend to Texel? You will receive more information about our program on Texel via the link below.

Nieuwe Inzichten voor Familiebedrijven

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